How can I know what font was used to add a text in an image when I open it in photoshop (no psd etc availabale, only a png file)... When open it has only 1 layer...

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Then you should identify only by typing the text with the same size on the same position and change the font from the drop down to know which one is suitable for that.

ok but it seems like a very long way to get the desired font as the list contains too many, is there no simpler way of doing this, like reverting back the png to its source?

The only easy way if u cnt compare the fonts is 2 hv the psd file of it..

Unfortunately, no. Once the image is saved to a png file it no longer has the information on the font used. The image has been flattened and the text is no longer separate from the image. It has been rasterized, meaning the font outlines which are a vector/postscript have been interpreted into pixels to fit that file format.

The image attached shows the reason why when viewed in photoshop. And, no - you can not revert the png back to a psd and have all of the layers. You would need to have or save a copy of the file as the native psd file before it was flattened to a png.

ok thx anyways for replying, was just hoping could somehow be able to revert the png back to psd and thus get the required layers and texts font

just being curious, in cs5 as well no option of doing something like this??

nope, it is still the same issue - the image has been flattened and loses the font information.

oki then, thx again

You could post your png here! including myself, there are MANY font experts here :)

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