Ive been working on adding an onclick feature to my page. i have a gallery that when you click on a picture it opens to a sized window, what i would like it to then do is close if someone viewing it clicks on the image. Ive tried to artisticly borrow it from other sites but i can never get it to work right or they have some weird script i dont understand.

if someone could help me out or point me in the right direction i would be greatfull also any one who could direct me on finding what other options the onclick feature provides i would also be greatfull.


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<b>My Onclick Demo</b><a href="http://nerdlib.com/" target="_blank" onClick="window.open('http://nerdlib.com', 'myWin2', 'toolbar=no, directories=no, location=no, status=yes, menubar=no, resizable=no, scrollbars=no, width=400, height=390'); return false">Nerd Lib Software Labs</a>

I think he's actually asking for a way to CLOSE the opened window. You can use the "self.close()" method in the opened window. I would not tie that to the click method of the displayed image, however. Display a "close me" button, instead.

In actuality, though, this is completely unnecessary. Everyone understands how to close an open window; there is no need to code an extraneous control.


the thing i was going for here is protecting the images yes i understand anyone who wants them will get them one way or another but i plan on making it as annoying as i can. so my hope was to have a user click on the window and the page will close. ive tried going to a few pages that i know do this and they have some odd script that dosent exist on the same page so i cannot 'ahem' borrow it.

the code from techniner is a little more messy than the one im using but all in all its about the same i just need the extera step. thanks for posting though.


i tried using that and i cannot get it to work in firefox and i tried it in IE 6 and it kept erroring then finally worked.

(did i ever mention how much i hate sp2???)

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