good day! im new to dream weaver cs4. i am just starting to develop a dynamic page. i layout in the design area of DW cs4. i have 2 main tables. the first one is for the heading and below is for the content. i used an empty table between the two main tables to serve as a separator. now when i viewed it in my browser, the distance becomes so big. is it normal with DW? please help me! replies are really appreciated..

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This is normal with dreamweaver (at least for me it is). In live view things are usually skewed, especially when working with various CSS styles. That's why I don't pay much attention to it. My advice is to rely solely on the browser.

so its SWYSINAWYG (Sometimes What You See Is Not Actually What You Get). thanks for the reply atleast i knew i am not alone with this problem.

are you using div layers?? try putting your table inside another table

thanks for the replies! i've minimized my problems by watching my <p> tags. i've discovered it behaves strangely when i have a <p> tag in my table. thank u very much!

if it looks bad .. dont bother .. try it in all of the official browsers if there is ok .. your good to go

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