Hey guyz, I wanted to get your opinion on social media integration for websites, I've been doing some web development for a welfare project and thought it would be a good idea to make it more accessible through social portals.

I haven't had much experience with this kind of stuff and was kind of surprised to see the number of options out there. I was thinking about footerbars, I think they're easy to use (people are already familiar with those, at least thats what I think).

So far I've come up with a number of options. There's wibiya, bumpin, meebo and skysa. TBH wibiya is kind of an eye sore (too bad there's little customization in the free version), I did like their social integration applications though. Bumpin tickbar is kind of like wibiya but its chat applications are more like meebo, love the customization options. Meebo seems simple with chat applications, it looks decent as well. Have the same issue with skysa as wibiya, I dont think it looks good.

I was thinking either bumpin or meebo. Does anyone have experience using these widgets? Is there anything else I should know ? Any other options ?