Has anyone any idea how I stop chrome from displaying perfectly valid links with a line through them. It looks as if they are broken, but if you click on them, they are fine.

I've tried specifying

text-decoration: none

, but it still happens. I don't even use this attribute (line-through) anywhere in the style sheet.

Please post your code, sounds kinda interesting...



		a { text-decoration: none; }



<a href="http://google.com">Google.com</a>



Works fine on IE, Chrome, FireFox.

I have worked this out. I'm using the plugin SEO Quake, and these links are no follow. Presumably on "normal" people's pages, the effect won't occur (it goes away when I disable the plugin).

I recommend you add a valid doctype if you dont have one. I didnt see it in your code above. Otherwise you'll discover and face more cross browser problems in the future.

text-decoration: none; does not fix this. Only disabling SEO Quake plugin fixed it.

You only need doctype in html prior to v 5

You only need doctype in html prior to v 5

Are you sure about that? I never heard of it... In any case, it definitely is best to declare a doctype.

You only need doctype in html prior to v 5

lol Is this your own personal opinion or do you have some research to back it up?

The fact is, you dont have to declare a valid doctype to view some web pages, but to expect cross browser compliance and code validation, you have to have one.

Read this: w3c.org and this: htmldog.com

makes no odds to me, as it wasn't my code you were disputing

I had the exact same problem and disabling seo quake fixed it for me as well. I believe tiggsy was correct in thinking that this was just seo quakes way of designating no follow links :)