I have a websie I have been designing and the image float isn't working.

It was fine with aliggn="right" on my system but on smaller screens with ie the image was n top of the writing.

I have tried with theimage placed with in the text below and on top but i can't make it work.

Im sure its something dumb but i can't find it.


<a href="http://www.garden-design.co.uk/index1.html" target="_blank"><img src="images/gdc1.jpg" alt="Garden Design Company" width="300" height="185" float="right" /></a>
		<p>This is a Flash based website made for a high end garden design and construction company. The owners wanted the site to reflect the up to date nature of their services whilst making the site as easy to navigate and informative as possible. <i>Please Click the Image to view this site</i></p>

css is here http://www.s263871150.websitehome.co.uk/template_style.css

any help would be much appreciated.


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hey dave,

if you try telling your div#content in ur css to float left and lose the 200px left padding (maybe try 20 or so), that should work.


That hasn't worked and the cv part of the site is now not working properly. The purple box should extend with the text.


ah okay the box thing works in IE but no firefox or opera. But still no text wrap around. Any ideas?

I don't think i have explined myselfvey wel. What i want to happen is the text on say http://www.s263871150.websitehome.co.uk/london.html to wrap around the main graphic rather then be underneath.


hey dave, well i checked out your page again and the float seems to be working unless i dont understand your problem. Anyways, the problem with the purple box, add 'overflow: hidden;' to your div#wrapper class and the purple box should extend to contain ur text.


This may or may not be the problem, but it is not valid:

<img src="images/gdc1.jpg" alt="Garden Design Company" width="300" height="185" float="right" />

should be:

<img src="images/gdc1.jpg" alt="Garden Design Company" width="300" height="185" style="float:right" />
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