I use this builder to create my websites. The problem with this is this software does not properly load templates I download (outside of the available Yahoo! Sitebuilder templates). Also, I am unable to explore the use of Flash templates that I eagerly wish to use. Any thoughts on what other system, asside from Dreamweaver or something expensive, that I can use to start utilizing Flash.

I just think Flash website a more to look at. I also would like to know where would be a good place to find quality flash sites as well as the proper software to fully customize and integrate into my websites. I am not saying they would necessarily have to be a full flash site, but some animation always gets my attention when I visit sites and I think it would help me get a better conversion rate. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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if you have budget for additional software, I recommend you get the Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash. These two are powerful to create great website (provided you hae great design...).

Alternatively, you can get a web designer (or flash creator) to handle the work. Try google 'freelance flash' etc, you will find many for price ranging from $50 to $200 depend on the complexity.

Thanks, I recently read having a flash site may be a bad idea because it limits the content quality of the site (or something like that). Is it a better idea just to combined html and css (still not quite sure what css is or how to use it)?

Yes. Flash is not currently search engine friendly, if you entire site are build on Flash. But it you can combine flash and html, it will make a great web site.

See www.w3schools.com for css tutorial. There are also many scrpt sites provide free tutorial on css.

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