Can we change the look of a web page for personal learning. Like if i am visiting a website and the background is light pink. Can i save this page on my hard disk and change its background color to white to see how it looks in browser and check again and again until i get a perfect color combination? I am noob. I have weak terminology.

HI khunshan88

I normally download the code of the website and manipulate it then put it back up once i like how it looks. to do this simple go to the website and left click then pick save as. open it threw dream weaver or some thing else, Depending on the website there may be a lot going on but you will have your own personal bit of code.

@phycocoder thats nice idea. well its a technique. :)

you could also view source and edit it raw in a text editor. save it as .html or whichever language you are using and open it in your browser. It'll help you learn, in my opinion, much more than opening it in a program that helps with formatting like dream weaver. Its all personal preference, really, but i believe you should learn to write raw code before using programs to assist you... im not saying these programs are BAD, i just feel like you learn sooo much more.

Also, try experimenting with hex charts, and combining colors! gradient fades, double backgrounds, etc.

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