I have been asked to create a site for a band. They want to have a whole pile of mp3s and some sort of player. Ideally, of course, needs to work across device (and you all know I mean iPad/iPhone - so not flash).

Can anyone please recomment a suitable plugin or something that I could use.


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You can aways (hyper)link the mp3 file on the html page, so it opens a new window. So:

<a href="./some-sort-of-mp3-file.mp3">Some text as a link</a>.

Then browser will take care of the rest.

I can't think of another way. Sorry :)

-cross platform is always a pain. You're probably better off doing a flash player, and then adding the href links to the mp3 files. hyperlinking will work, but it's not the most elegant solution.

is it? :)

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No you're right, not very elegant - and of course the client wants it all for pocket money - don't they always.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have recently done a html5 video with a fallbasck to flash - based on the "video for everybody" info. I guess that could be adapted to do mp3s.

Lots ot think about!

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