My dad won't let me play urban rivals online because some of the characters aren't dressed very good.

he told me i can program my own card game online. he bought me flash 8 for my computer and dreamweaver and said i could create a game just like urban rivals. i don't know where to start though. i hope my first post doesn't annoy anyone, but i have some basic questions i think will help get me started

is Urban rivals programmed in flash?

Are the main aspects of urban rivals just 1) a html website.. 2) flash componnents that make the game playable 3)a database of some kind to track each players cards

is this a reasonab;e project for a 12 year old with loads of time on my hands?

thanks for any help


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Welcome to daniweb de7bert !
I did little of google search but did not come with clear answer if urban rivals is flash game or other application been used. Some says it is flash other that it is shockwave which is made with use of Direct (sort of father to flash). However both software packages are very similar and produced by same company.

From my point of view it will be easier for you to use flash. It may take some time for you to master flash to some degree but I can tell you it will be funn. Good place to start for some tutorials is always vendor website (ADOBE), then w3schools.com and there are many others that you can find with little of google search.

Good luck with your project and you are always welcome to ask more questions...


i think the best way to learn flash is downloading a good e-book... i guess, since you have plenty of time, you can manage to find a good one...

maybe you can come back when you've finished with your version of urban rivals so we can test it...

i guess if you manage to design nice flash movies @ 12, you will be able to do great things when you're grown up... good luck with that...


My initial reaction is to tell you that you're in way over your head. It's one thing to animate an image or create a cartoon using Flash; it's an entirely different ball game to create an interactive gaming environment (one that will respond to commands entered by the user).

However: First things first - Don't EVER let ANYONE tell you that you CAN'T do something. Secondly - these guys ^ are right. Doing this is going to be an incredible learning experience for you. I started doing web design when I was ten in Yahoo!'s PageBuilder application. Now I manage our high school's website (and even did the new design for it), and I know how to use HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and yes, even bits of Flash. I'm going to be starting college next year in a computer science program with a focus on web design. If you really do have all this time on your hands, go for it, absolutely. You're about to embark on a journey that could lead you to your future career. Mine did. Good luck!


just one more detail...

the down side of programming (in any language you choose, even flash)is that it can sometimes be a pain in the ***... specially if things don't come out the way they should (or you think they should)... don't ever give up on that... try everything you think could solve your problem, or, you can come and look for us... that's what we're here for...

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