I'm trying to make an eBay ad with an HTML editor (FrontPage '02). What I'm selling is over 1500 rare collectible cards, and I've very painstakenly created a worksheet using Excel '03. My whole objective was to create the worksheet (spreadsheet or database, not sure if I'm using the right def.) and somehow, by using FrontPage, import the worksheet (just as it looks in Excel) and turn it into HTML that is digestible using eBays HTML editor. Usually I create my ads with FP and copy the HTML code to eBays editor, simple and painless. But I cannot for the life of me import this Excel file. Is it even possible? BTW, when I say "import" I'm really using the Insert>File... menu command.

I've tried to save the Excel file as several different file types, like HTM, HTML, XML. If I save it as HTML then import it with FP the text becomes just plain text, not what I'm after. The closest I've come is saving it as "Web Page" (File>Save As>Web Page from the file menu), then when I open it with FP I get the worksheet but it will only display part of it (it'll only let me expand it to the size of the window), and even then it displays the column letters and row numbers just as you'd see if viewing it with Excel. If I open it with a web browser I get the full worksheet but not sure what to do with it from there, I've tried to "View Page Source" and copy the HTML code from there but it's a very long list and my hard drive thrashes trying to create such a large page-file.

Please tell me there's a way to get this worksheet to display as HTML!?!
If it helps, I'm using MS Office Pro 2003 and Front Page 2000.

Thanks in advance!!!

This may be useless info as I've not tried what you mention. Check your exporting options. Maybe you can export as a .gif, or there may be something in the exporting that will be compatible without the hard coding.


Have you tried copying and pasting your data? ;-)