I'm working in Dreamweaver, and every time I try to put text into my editable region from a template it does the following:
http://img228.imageshack.us/i/resulto.png/ That's the odd indentation. I tried allign the text to the left, and it does, but as soon as I try to test it out in a browser it does that. I'm guessing one of the components might be interfering with my text? Any ideas?

My template has nothing in it except an image, a navigation bar, and the editable region.

Any ideas how I could fix this?

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is there any blank space in the image? Try making sure the image height and width is exactly as it should be.

Otherwise, i have this problem sometimes when i use a lot of tables... sometimes i accidentally fill a cell in blank... and that can cause that as well.


also, if using tables or cells... check teh actual alignment of the cell.... That'll get ya from time to time!


Without being able to see code, we'll not be much help. As a guess however, the offset looks suspiciously like it's clearing your navigation; you may want to look into that a bit (or let us see the code).

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