Lets say I have a banner, which sits and the top of my internet page. I've designed it so it fits perfectly on my screen, given my screen's width.

However, every1 has screen of different widths. How do i get my banner to perfectly fit anybody's screen.

All the big guns appear to do this pretty easily. Like Micro$oft. It always fits gud. How do they do this? Is it difficalt? I'm a nubee.

God bless


2 options:
1) size your image using percentages.
2) set a div as your top header. put one image in and float it to the left. then put another image in that will sit on the right, using text-align right.
You can also assign your image as a css background, and make it so that the bit that falls off the right is optional...

We really need to see your header to suggest specific strategies.

the title bar will contain mouse overs for naviagtion.

Here it is...

When u upload u have 2 right click and extract to run proberly.

You need to make it so it grows and shrinks with the page.

This means your header should always use 100% of the page width. Then you need a section which will grow and a section that will stay the same(usually the section with the logo).

Check www.intus.co.za for what i mean. The left hand side of the page grows and shrinks but the right hand side always stay the same. The section that stays the same can just be a normal image and the section that changes size can be a background image that repeats.

Say your header will be a table the code will look something like this:

<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="20%"><img src="logo.gif"></td>
<td width="80%" style="background-image:url(repeat.gif);background-repeat:repeat-x;">&nbsp;</td>

Hope this helps