I am planning to change the web host of one of my web sites, and the site has a webmail service (similar to Hotmail, etc.). I recall that when I first set it up, I had to edit the MX record in the DNS file.

Before I change the web host of this site, I am wondering, what is the DNS file? Is this a file posted on the server of the web host (in which case I would have to transfer it to the new host)? Or is this a file hosted on a server of the company through which I registered the domain (in which case, I might not have to do anything)?

Is maintaining and editing the DNS file going to be a big deal?

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DNS is not a file, but a service. It stands for Domain Name Service and normally this service is provided by your hosting company or the registar where your domain name was registered.

All it does, is to provide the means to transfer a domain ip number into a readable name, so that people do not have to remember http://196.225.225.xxx but rather http://yourdomainname.com.

When you change hoasts, your new host should normally do all transfers, if they are any good.

its Domain Name Server

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