I have a site that looks fine locally, but when I view it online, it gets messed up.
Specifically, it does not resize correctly (eg at 800x600).
In a turnabout, this only occurs in Firefox (3.6.16) - in IE 8 it resizes ok.
To further confuse the matter, if I put the files on a different server, it looks fine!

Here is the site in question on Server 1:
Resizing doesn't work here.
Also note that image at top-left does not resize correctly either.

Here is the site on Server 2 (identical html and css):

This should not enter into it, since the css file is identical on both servers, but for the sake of completeness, here is my css file:

Not sure if it matters, but I have included a gif of the directory structure of the "faulty", Server 1 as an attachment.
I note there is a directory called "htdocs" - I am pretty unfamiliar with its function, but I thought htdocs were for Windows servers, and I am on Linux.

Does anyone have a clue as to what could be causing this disparity?

Please, no one suggest that I "clear my cache" - I have done that a billion times :-/

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htdocs is the default root for apache servers, inetpub is the default root for windows server. But it looks like a hosted site and public_html is where your files shold reside.

I do not see any issue with the resizing (of course I am using FF4.0) except that I am not a big fan of the resizing of the main content.

The pages look pretty much the same except for the container background and triangle under the selected menu option. The first issue is because sands.jpg does not exist on the second server. There could also be a missing image for you menu options.

Hi svilla,
Thanks for the response.
I should have added that my files DO reside in the public_html directory.
Did not know the function of htdocs, so I appreciate the info.

The reason that I check for resizing is altho I design primarily for 1280x1024 resolution, I want the site to look acceptable down to 800x600.
To view it under different resolutions, I use the FF Add-on "Firesizer".

I added the missing images you referred to - I just threw a couple of files onto Server 2 for testing purposes, so I forgot those initially.

Wow, so the page on Server 1 shows ok to you?
Now I am more perplexed than before lol!

Others : Does the site look the same to you on the 2 different servers?

Thx again :)

Site looks 100% to me on both servers.

Thanks Kraai :)

Which browser(s) and resolution did you view them with?

Firefox, 3.6.somerhing i think, and 1024 x 768 resolution

OK, thx Kraii

OK, I feel totally stupid right about now.
I just noticed that I must have inadvertently triggered "Zoom In", under "View/Zoom" in Firefox. I never use that feature, so I am thinking I did it when I was using Photoshop yesterday. The shortcut keys for Zoom in is "Ctrl+" for both PS and FF.
At some point, I must have done that when I didn't notice that FF was "up", and not "PS".

My apologies to everyone for any time they wasted trying to help me on this.
Still, you have my appreciation.

Gonna skulk away now... :icon_redface:

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