I got past my earlier jaggies issue :) and now I'm trying to decide on some colors. The one thing I would like to keep in this pic is the red circle, I'm open to changing other stuff though. What does everyone think? What colors should I use?

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I think it looks a tad antiquated. May I ask what type of site this is for? I can't complain on the blues because they remind me of DaniWeb :)

Its for my site. The one in my sig. :) Oh yeah, I hope to turn this into a Mambo template...

Good choice with mambo. I've heard many good things about it. :) Still though, I think the big graphic-intensive design is a bit dated ... 2005 is all about clean lines and simplicity. At least I think so ;)

When I think Country Western Dancing, I think of tans and reds, flowing dresses on a wood floor, brown boots with silver buckles.

Hehe Dani I'm 32, I'm sooo livin in tha 90s :p

Tans, when I try to do tans in photoshop they always seem to come out peachy or just not tan :(

Yes I have da colormixer bookmarked, thanks :)

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