I'm trying to build a website of multi-language (English and Arabic). The problem is the writing direction, as in Arabic, we write from right to left, so that I have to relocate the logo,the scroll bar,etc to the other direction.

I managed to change the CSS for the logo, but the problem is in the menu, I must change not only the direction, but switch the links places that the Home menu button moves from the 1st button on the left to the 1st button on the right.... I asked a designer about it, and she told me to do it manually within dreamweaver inside every page I wanna change the language, but that means I will duplicate every web page instead of having one page with different keys which is translated according to the value,but having too many webpages and decrease developing efficiency.

Any suggestions will be helpful, thx

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Would you like to see made ‚Äč‚ÄčArab sites. Firebug look through their code, I think it will simplify the task.

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