Please look in the attachment.
The first chart shows the score vs contestant images(score wise ordered) graph generated simply using php.
BUT i need the second chart (bottom 1) where chart does not proceed down but only those images of contestants are brought to next line which are relatively very close to previous image (tht overlap can occur)
Table used consists of only
img_path(of contestant) and score.

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) 
echo "__";
echo '<img src="'.$row['img_path'].'.jpg" width=30 height=30 title="'.$row['img_path'].'.jpg SCORE='.$row['score'].'" alt="'.$row['img_path'].'.jpg SCORE='.$row['score'].'">';
echo "</BR>";
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Seems like a crude way to go about it when there a plenty of free php graphing libraries.

Or even if you wish to use flash, free fusioncharts?

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