I am dealing with iframes and I have a predicament. Because I am using 2 platforms together I need to iframe some areas. Basically I need to be able to click a link and have it attach to an iframe to a page with an existing iframe on a different area of my domain. The end result is the clicked link destination is inside the iframe that is already setup.

Hope I described this correctly. I've tried a hundred different ways, but without any luck yet.


You would need a server-side language like PHP for this. You shouldn't use iFrames for anything, ever.


I have tried using php because both platforms are php, but am having some difficulty still. I tried using the includes chide which I was told would work like I need, but it doesnt seem to be working for me. Please help. I welcome any suggestion.

This is not an HTML or CSS question. Please make a post in the PHP forum.


This can be done with html using target to the iframe as the url destination

Iframe setup on master page

<iframe name="iframe_name" width="400" height="400" src="defalt_load.html">
Your error message for browsers that don't support iframes including a way around this.
Then links to the iframe included in the master page containing the iframe
<a target="iframe_name" href="new_page_in_iframe.html">Link Text</a>
<a target="iframe_name" href="new_page_with_another_iframe.html">Link Text</a>

Just make sure that the second page iframe has a different name.