I have this code that should set up the page header

#headerWrap {
	margin-left: auto;
	margin-right: auto;
	width: 700px; 
	height: 100px;
	background: url(Images/header.gif) no-repeat;

the picture is not being displayed. Please tell me how to fix this.


The correct syntax for the background property is: background: url('Images/header.gif') no-repeat; Also, file paths are case-sensitive.

So you have a folder named Images in the same folder as the HTML/CSS document with this CSS rule?


It is in the same folder. The Images folder is named Images. I added in the '. The image still isn't showing up. would this be enough to call the image?

<div id="headerWrap" align="center"></div>

or do I have to write something else.


It should be. Align is a deprecated attribute - don't use it. Just try displaying it as a normal image first

<img alt="" src="Images/header.gif">

Are you locally hosting this or is it on a site?


Thanks that fixed the error

sorry for the double reply