I am a newbie(learner) to WAMP development and need free e-commerce/shopping cart template and theme for practicing CSS. Please suggest some sources for the same. Guidance on how to use the stuff is welcome!

Thanks in anticipation


What are you going to use the template for? Just try doing some tutorials on basic web design... net.tutsplus.com is a good start

I want to use the template to build a website for practicing purposes only. I have only gone through the basics of HTML and CSS and want to practice it by creating a e-commerce/shopping cart site. Can you please suggest some sites offering good free templates and themes for this purpose ?

Thanks and regards


No, because setting it up involves nothing but running the setup (entering the mysql database login and name, which is most likely automatically done for you, and then uploading the template. Your not going to learn anything from this..

if you want to learn html/css, try building a static website... just html and css from scratch using notepad++ so you type everything..

Find a website you like and then try and recreate it

Will it be good idea to use some theme to give it a professional look ?

No No and NO!

How many times do i have to tell you? Using a pre-made theme isn't going to get you anything.. You won't learn anything from it...

here.. try and build this..


Warning.. i made that in paint in 30seconds.. its a piece of shit and really easy to code.. go for it

Okay. Thanks for your help. I'm closing this thread.

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