I am editing an image of a subway map in photoshop. I have edited out all but the colored lines and thickened them with the stroke tool. Unfortunately each line has a few gaps as well as ridges along the edges. I would like a smooth, solid line. What is the best way to get rid of one or both?


Redrawing the lines with Photoshop is a good bet when there are lots of gaps. You can also try smoothing the rough edges with the teardrop blur tool. If the original image is really grungy you might be best off redrawing the shapes in layers over the original image, letting Photoshop's antialiasing replace the edges from the original.

use the pen tool

You can always draw the lines again using photoshop and get rid of the ridges by carefully erasing or blurring them off.

wat if u do your work in illustrator or coreldraw?that is the best for all lines coz u make vector...hehehehehe peace

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