i have a problem which i cannot solve..

i found a nice php popup contact form for my page which aldready has layout.css and this contact form has its own .css file which is called popup-contact.css

the contact form work without a problem with its test page:


when you click on the yellow "contact us" button you will see that the form is nice and


when i implement it to my website http://www.tercume.pro/index.php where the form is supposed to be,and click on the picture with numbers on, you see that the form does not get rendered and is without the style and even the "close link" is not visible, whereas it is properly styled on the a-page.php

when i get rid of the layout.css in the index.php, then the form is styled but then the page is not..

i wanna have both the styles in one page..

so how can we solve this?

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<a href="javascript:fg_popup_form("fg_formContainer","fg_form_InnerContainer","fg_backgroundpopup");">

Is what is used in a-page.php.

<a href="#">Contact Us</a>

Is what is used in index.php.


<a href="#">Contact Us</a>

the # sign means Null request .

i saw code in you index.php page

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../styles/layout.css">
<link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="../styles/popup-contact.css">

so try to include the content of ( popup-contact.css ) by adding css code in ( layout.css )
if not worked you need to re write css code of ( popup-contact.css ) as you want then add to ( layout.css ) .. advice you make one .css file at next time.

commented: You can have more than one external CSS file. He doesn't need to re-write any of that. -1

and if you want to make ( Contact us ) open popup

just replace

the "#" sign



thank you very much..

would adding !important to poopup-contact.css also solve this problem instead of writing it again?

problem solved..

i just changed the relative font sizes in popup-contact.css and added font color black. now they are almost identical.

thanks for the link tip..

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