I'm screening WDers who think they are 3WC & are great in CSS & xhtml.

Since I can't tell if they are or aren't even with the validators (as there are different aspects to validation, not just one), can someone more experienced tell if me this WDer is any good...




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What do you mean validation doesn't matter??? Of course it does LOL



Not really. Validation is a tool, but not an end in itself. For example, <nobr> is not valid HTML, but it's the most reliable way of preventing a region of text from having a line break.

But then again, their errors are just from sloppiness - things like writing onMouseOut when XHTML requires onmouseout.

So you are saying he's a sloppy coder?

But validation is also crucial for cross browser compatibility, DLing the page/site fast even on dialup etc.

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