When i open Favorites left frame become narrow and some content disappaer. How can i stable it.


<frameset rows="20%,60%,20%" border="0">
	<frame src="top.html" name="top">
	<frameset cols="20%,40%,40%">
		<frame src="left.html" name="left" noresize="noresize" scrolling="no">
		<frame src="giris.html" name="middle">
		<frame src="right.html" name="right">		
	<frame src="bottom.html" name="bottom">

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opens as an overlay,
has nothing to do with display of the underlay window & closes when you select something and the underlying window displays as expected.
The frameset code looks ok
To make the favorites/history/search window 'behave' 'pin it'
there is an icon in the t/r corner of the favorites window, on mouseover it says "pin the favorites center" (something like that) clicking it will stick the favorites in place and the underlying window will adjust, but the favorites window will remain on screen until closed

I have made a basic design with 4 frames: a top frame at the top of the page for the menu and below 3 vertical frames: a left frame for the submenu, a middle frame for the content and a right frame.

When I click on a button-link on the menu in the top frame the content of that page should appear in the content frame but it appears in the top frame which is only for the menu. By example if a button in my menu is called button1 which is a link to document - homepage.html - by example then I want that document to appear in the content frame when I click on its button in my menu but it appears in the top frame. The fact that english is not my first language makes it more difficult for me to explain what I mean although I really hope someone understands me and wants to help me.


<frameset rows="15%, 85%">
<frame id='head' name='head' src='head.html'>
<frameset cols="20%,60%,20%">
<frame id='left' name='left' src='left.html'>
<frame id='main' name='main' src='main.html'>
<frame id='right' name='right' src='right.html'>


<a href='page1.html' target="main">Page 1</a>
<br><a href='page2.html' target="main">Page 2</a>
<br><a href='page3.html' target="main">Page 3</a>
<br><a href='page4.html' target="main">Page 4</a>
<br><a href='page5.html' target="main">Page 5</a>
<br><a href='page6.html' target="main">Page 6</a>
<br><a href='page7.html' target="main">Page 7</a>

giving the <a> elements a target should do it

Thank you for your help. I still have a problem with my design. If I click on a button on my menu in the top frame the left frame where the submenu should be stays the same. By example if the structure of my website would be:

Page 1
page 1A
page 1B
page 1C

Page 2
page 2A
page 2B
Page 2C

Page 3
page 3A
page 3B
page 3C

Page 4
page 4A
page 4B
page 4C

Page 5
page 5A
page 5B
page 5C

Then if I would click on the button Page 5 by example the submenu with links to page 5A, page 5B, page 5C should appear in the left frame. So if I click on a button on the menu in the top frame the submenu of that button should appear in the left frame which is very logical but I dont know how to do that.

I hope you understand what I mean.

Also I am looking for free software to create a flash intro for my website. Can anyone give me advice for that..

Thank you very much.

<a href='' target="main" onclick='window.main.src="page1.html";window.left.src="submenu1.html";'>Page 1</a>
<br><a href='' target="main" onclick='window.main.src="page2.html";window.left.src="submenu2.html";'>Page 2</a>
<br><a href='' target="main" onclick='window.main.src="page3.html";window.left.src="submenu3.html";'>Page 3</a>
<br><a href='' target="main" onclick='window.main.src="page4.html";window.left.src="submenu4.html";'>Page 4</a>
<br><a href='' target="main" onclick='window.main.src="page5.html";window.left.src="submenu5.html";'>Page 5</a>
<br><a href='' target="main" onclick='window.main.src="page6.html";window.left.src="submenu6.html";'>Page 6</a>
<br><a href='' target="main" onclick='window.main.src="page7.html";window.left.src="submenu7.html";'>Page 7</a>

all of which would be completely irrelevant, if you used a more modern design with a css menu system and no frames

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