Hi every one.

I have been asked to create a web page by a friend of mine (he decided to cash in some favours) I have setup a Drupal test server for him and he has asked me if I can create a specific page that lists Regions and then breaks down the regions into suburbs. What he then want is if his client clicks on for example

Link a they will be directed to a page that is automatically generated from a template all the text is static the only dynamic content that will be generated is the name of the suburb is generated from the link that was created in the previous page.

Kind of like whats done in Microsoft Word example:

My name is :{formtext}

I {formtext} hereby declare blah blah bla

In the above instance the formtext is carried from the decleration on the site on the links page the client may click on link "a" and this would generate a page from a template that has services for his business listed and the "a" is carried from the link that was pressed.

Then a second user comes from location "b" a page will be generated from the same template and a page is generated from the template that again lists the generic services he provides but in this case it would reference location "b".

How is this done in Html ? or is there a script that can do this?

I dont really want to create '00's of duplicate pages for all the suburbs if this can be done thru templates and passing information back into the template from the links page.


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This is done with the help of Ajax and php. You sound like Google maps bt on a small scale.

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