I'm not an experienced programmer...just someone who dabbles in a little design.

I just added swfoject to replace 2 flash elements on the site I maintain with iphone friendly content: http://www.tkd-boston.com

The 2 flash elements are the top nav (header) and the right nav (sidebar1). Sidebar1 is float: right; but in IE, whenever I click any link or refresh the page, the nav bar jumps up into the header. So far I've seen this in IE 8 & 9. FF6 doesn't do this. I've tried absolute positioning Sidebar1 from the top but then instead of shifting up when I click / refresh the page, it jumps to the left. Also tried adding height and width but that doesn't work either..

What am I missing? Any ideas?

Thank you for your help!! :)


You can try position:absolute and position the sidebar using top:0px; right:0px;
or, you can try position:relative and position the sidebar the same way.