Hi guys... i'm planning to start an advertising site with the following services
Graphic Design
Web Development

I need ideas in terms of contents
I also need free downloadable and editable templates so that i can finish within a short space of time.

Thnks y'al

What is your specific question?

I need urls to sites where i can get editable templates. I also need tutorials on how to install and use joomla.

Thnx Ezzaral

I downloaded joomla 1.5 and i successfully installed it but after i tried the url i.e to access the panel lots of codes appeared on the screen, dont knw why. Please tell me why. I was thinking it was the xammp version which i used. I used the 1.7 version to install joomla 1.5.

Actually, compare to joomla, why don't you try wordpress. It is more web developer-friendly as it is easier to manage. Moreover, the wordpress API can be easily found in wordpress.org or even wordpress.com. In addition, wordpress is provided with plenty of free framework supporting different child theme.

i feel wordpress templates (woo themes)i have a huge collection of themes, compare to jhoola wordpess is best

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