Hi everyone,

My first post here, I'm newbie in web developement and I hope somebody could help me answering my doubts below.

As my thread title,
1-) What does it mean keep it a website from jumping and how to do it (in general)?

2-) Is something like search all broken links that redirect to error pages?

If so,
3-) May you suggest me in general what I have to do to search all "bad" links
in order to fix or delete them? (Is there some tool to do that?)

4-) "Clen up" a website is related to the same, I mean, fix broken links?

PS: The website could be and html website or running on a cms.

Many thanks in advance.


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Without a page to look at we can't say why a web page would 'jump' except that is one symptom of having images without expressly stated sizes given so the browser "save's" that space while the graphic loads. (or asking the browser to re-size images for you.)

As for links - there are link-checkers out there. Xenu is a good one and it's free. (And broken links normally redirect to error pages - that's how the link checker knows it's broken.

"Cleaning Up" a website can mean many things from dealing with bad links to dealing with bad code and/or design.

Hi Dandello,

Thanks for answer.

I've followed your suggestion and tried Xenu, and it's great showing bad links.

Regarding the jumping, I undertand better, and I think it could be when sometimes the content is centered and sometimes it moves horizontally.

I guess it could be html or css problem, do you know a tool like "Xenu" to analize the website and reports Html, CSS errors? for example, to see why the jumping occurs or some other errors.

Many thanks again.

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