hey daniwebs users im currenttly in making of a site from scratch but i need help coding a forum page and a login form/registration form. now i know most of you are gonna point me to a php/mysql coding thing but i do not know one thing about that type of coding so i am asking you if you could help me coding it in html/css coding since im a little used to that but i do not know how to code them so i would like someone to help me with it

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You really need to do yourself some seriously awful lot of reading, as you don't even seem to be able to differentiate between client-side / server-side.

Where you are now, you're most likely to get anywhere by using some of the ready-to-go packages, phpbb and other bulletins available (you may wanna get one of them cheapo hosts with easy, friendly user cp allowing one-click install of packages)


alright well i am actually trying to code everything my self but if you Males/Females could send me a direct link to a good tutorial ill gladly try my best to make my site

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