I just wanted to see what people are using out there. If you want, give some reason why you use that software, it'll help everyone who is unsure make a decision.

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I picked Fireworks because I use it the most, but I also use Photoshop.

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if i aint mistaken, you meant corel paint. Corel Draw is a vector illustration program.

Though i use Coreldraw is my vector graphics tool, but i use Photoshop for raster work. To be honest, i havent even bothered using anything else after photoshop.

I use Fireworks becuase it is all I have.

I use photoshop CS and fireworks, it depends on what kinda graphics i'm working on though

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Never used photoshop. I've used fireworks but didn't like it so switched back to the gimp.

I need flash though. Flash is sweet from a web-design point of view.

I also use blender to do my 3d work and am currently learning opengl in c++. yay!

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I've been on photoshop since "Photoshop 5" funny thing is that i am not a Photoshop Master, but i am very good at it. Since then i bought Photoshop 6, which i still use, Never liked 7 or CS

I use Corel Paint Shop Pro now and also Photoshop CS2, but sometimes Fireworks can come in handy but not very often. I don't think I've ever considered Microsoft Paint, I hear it is very good lol.

I'm a big fan of Photoshop, i've been using it since i was in college, a good tens years ago at least, just recently got hold of CS2 and i love it! that program along with Adobe ImageReady is great for creating animated .gif's.

However, now that i'm getting further into webdesign i realise i need to learn how to use Flash MX, i cant wait to see what i can create using that...

But yeah, Photoshop is always going to have that special place in my little black heart :mrgreen:

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