I dont feel experienced enough to start fresh on a project so i would rather thinker around with a source code.
Im wondering if there is a website that looks alot like this blogger template http://btemplates.com/2011/blogger-template-gameszone/demo/.
Dont flame me that the template is a gaming template xD Im going to use this website for personal use and its not going to be proffesional, just a place to keep track of things.
ANYWAYS, the template i linked above just give me some useless file that i can use with blogger.com and isn't really helpfull too me.

So if you know anything that looks a like or looks even better then pleas help me :)


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If you do not wish to dig further into php, why don't you consider to use some content management system(CMS)? My suggestion is that download wordpress at http://wordpress.org and have some themes online for example:http://woothemes.com, have it installed and modified based on need.

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