hey guys umm.... yeah i need a lot of help to create this i,ve made a homepage and set it to html. but im now im stuck cause the links ive created along with videos are not working....God this is so frustrating sigh....

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can you post your HTML code so we can take a look? Also, I dont recommend that you build web pages using MS Word.

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can you post your HTML code so we can take a look? Also, I dont recommend that you build web pages using MS Word.

I would imagine that the links you've created probably point to items on your hard drive, which would not be visible from the web or another machine. I would recommend learning a bit of HTML even if you're just going to put up a small webpage. There's a pretty nice tutorial here. I personally use Notepad++ to write HTML, but you might just want to use Notepad to get started (it can be found at Start->Accessories->Notepad). I wouldn't recommend using Word since it's not really designed for this type of editing (sort of like using a sledgehammer on a nail).

It's more like hitting the nail with the back of a screwdriver.

First, Word is very VERY VERY bad for creating a web page!!! Use a proper editor (eg Notepad++) rather than something desinged to create a Word doc.

Secondly, your links probably point at places on your hard drive, ie are absolute links. You may even have made the classic begginers mistake of pointing links at items in different folders.

You should create a folder just for your site, then within it create a folder called www. In the first folder place all raw items you intend to use and process for the web site. In the www folder you put your web pages.

Within the www folder create a second folder called images. In this place your processed (properly resized images). Then create relative links to the images in the images folder. Rememebr that when uploading to your web site, you must separately upload the images as well, as they are NOT embedded in the web page but are linked to from the page.

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