What I want is a pic to show on full background. But the image is not displaying. The code I have ( the relevant parts ):

<div id="bg"><img src="welcome.psd" width="100%" height="100%" alt="" /></div>

And the CSS:


I have the .CSS file linked in the head and the 'welcome.psd' is in the same folder as all of the other files. It just shows a broken image pic.

Hopeful for help,

- WolfShield

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psd file cannot be displayed by browser. user jpg, gif, or png

Thanks for the help.

- WolfShield

I've never worked with PSD files. There should be a way to get around the problem you're having. Open the file in Photoshop or some preferred software of yours and convert it to the extension you want. Again, you'll encounter a problem displaying it in a browser if you have got the same got as above.

Or try this option. In your css file,

 background-image: url('welcome.psd');
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