Hi everyone.

I am creating a web site and i'm nearly done but have serious problems with IE 7. For some reason its throwing the text by the title to the right. Its a photocopier company and i need it looking smart. www.e-sol.co.uk

At the top you will see the title Challenge under that a sub title then 2 lines of text. This text isnt inline with the subtitle in IE7 its fine in 9 and Chrome. Please could someone advise.

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just to note that you need to view in IE7 to see the issue

What happens if you remove that width from #index12top2 h2?

Not sure i will give it ago tomrw, and let you know

lol it should work. It will mess with that letter spacing you have a bit, but it seems to bring it back in line with your heading.

teedoff you genius. problem solved : )

check it out Canon copiers !!!!!

I'm going do a final sweep of the site and see if i can find any other issues.

thanks all

Glad you got it working. IE web developer tools is an awesome tool!

Now, I hate to be the bearer of slightly bad news..lol but you should run your site through the validator.

Well actually here is the link where I ran it through. You have a few code errors that should be fixed to ensure cross browser compliance. Most of them look easy enough to fix, but if you have trouble just post back here and myself or someone can help.


Cheers for the heads up will crack on now with them.

Did a Xenu run on the site and cleared up bad links, so hopefully close to the end now.

If you don't mind me asking what do you think of the site? Canon Copiers

I think it looks pretty good. I didnt check the functionality of the whole site.

One think I might mention is the newsletter sign up form. If its an important feature to get ppl signed up, then I might make it more prominant on the page or even create a new page of its own.

Good job though!

Cheers mate, always nice to get a professionals opinion.

4 months 2 sign ups, you might be right!!

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