i am designing a website ,i am currentlly facing a problem regarding screen resolution, i have designed my website in 1024X768. when i view my website in other resolutions the alignment changes..i mean the size of image and the data remain the same..but the view completely changes i mean the content is not seen where it is supposed to be..
i hope u got what i meant..is there any code for it??i mean i have searched for it, bt what is this css file n all..how do i link it to evry page of mine..do i need to make a diff css page for diff resolution?? and how?? i am new to javascript can u plzz help on dis..i have deadline to meet..

you want to make your css adaptable to the different screen resolutions. so, start working with percentages so the browsers can align your elements, avoid using pixels. there are endless css issues you may run into, so if you need further help, list specific issues you get.

If you are trying to exactly fill a browser window, note that it can't be done in a way that works in all browsers, screen resolutions, and window sizes.