im quite familiar with css however iv hit a stumble.
this client needs a fixed web page and i usualy do Flash.

Emagen a webpage. When you resize it the content doesnt move.
The one i have all the margins are pushed and it messes things up.

any ideas??

I don't understand what you want.

Do you want the page size rigid, so you have to scroll it if the browser window is too small?

Or do you want everything to get smaller when the browser window shrinks?

Rearranging the page is the default behavior of most browsers when the layout does not fit in the window. So you have to do things special if you want the page to not rearrange itself.

If you want the content to stay in the same relative place, with the page scrolling when the window is too small, you must use tables for laying out the page. But this has its drawbacks, because reading machines for the blind give the person the wrong impression of what the page looks like.

If you make the page content small enough to fit on a 640 X 480 pixel screen, and use relative (percentage) object sizes, then the page will expand to fill a larger screen.

Also, for browser compatibility, don't put sizes and surrounding styles (margin, border, padding) on the same tag or css style.

basicy i wanted the page to not move when the browser window is resized. Its ok lol i figured it out
thanks for helping though