Hi just had an assignment to make a nice looking html5/css website
this is what i got so far

got any suggestions on stuff i can add to make it better?
and also if anything is wrong with the html logic / css commands etc.
tired of getting bad grades :< ;)

edit : uploaded it http://www.filefactory.com/file/4lzo8r649byn/n/EX2_zip

First problem no verification at your form create a copyright down the page ok use for the background:black don't complicated with rgb and use the opacity feature of css 3 some hover states on the menu maybe some jquery If you want more contact me pm and I can show you one of my works

What did you leran at your class css html php javascript?

thanks for reply ... we learned html and css
im just not that much of a creative guy
dont know which colors and sizes should be where and when :)
and if something in the code is wrong could help there too :)

Your teacher what styles does he like modern design simple design classy?

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