I have the following basic CSS only webpage layout
www.createtime4u.kaiproductionservices.com/index.html which looks in-line cross Safari/IE browsers on a PC, but out of line on the ipad.

Before I give out a ton of code has anyone got a good checklist of things I should be looking out for on all the divs that I should go through first?

I have various divs, which are centred apart from my navigation div, which is supposed to just run along the entire width of the screen - however on the ipad the blue banner just stops on the right...

Many thanks for the help!


I've worked out that it is the jQuery/CSS based revolving image banner that is causing the problem. The main CSS for the container for the whole banner is:

    padding-top: 5px;
    left: 45%;

If anyone knows how I can change this so that it squishes up on the page for ipad like the rest of the page that would be great!

Many thanks

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