Hey all, it's my first post here on Daniweb! Looks to be a brilliant community and I look forward to contributing to the Daniweb Web Development board as that is my primary area of interest.

So I've been having a problem. My client is starting to ramp the pressure up on me and I've all of a sudden been barraged with problem after problem.

I am using the CMS called Concrete 5 and it's been behaving up until last night.

1) The first problem I ran into is that some pages would randomly not display to certain people. But to others they would.

For example the gallery page would show up for me just fine at:

But for some others the URL would suddenly change to:


  • Using various different browsers did not seem to help.
  • I may be wrong but it seems to vary day to day, who can see it and who cannot.

2) The second problem that I am having (which is probably more important) is that all of the links are now directing to 404.html pages. This seems to have happened after adding the 404.html to the root directory - I was attempting to upload a custom 404 page.

Here's the site link:

Any helpful response would be appreciated greatly! Thanks a bunch!


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Perhaps you have some URL re-write rules in your .htaccess that are causing the problem?

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Perhaps you have some URL re-write rules in your .htaccess that are causing the problem?

Could you please go more into detail with your response? What sort of things would I be looking to change/edit/rectify if I were to edit the .htaccess file?

Thanks for the reply by the way.

Client is really ramping up the pressure. Any help would be fantastic at this point.

One possible way you are getting 404's is if there are URL re-write rules in your .htaccess file. This would look something like this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^product/([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)/([0-9]+)\.html$ product.php?id=$2

If this happened this the url you are hitting could actually be changed based on these rules, leading to the 404's. It may not be your problem but it's a possiblity.

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