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Gday Guys n Girls,

I think im posting in the right section so here goes.
I have been playing around with Fireworks MX to layout a site it graphics and a few buttons. I've had no problem coming up with a basic page and have worked out how to export it into images and html files.
Now here is the problem, when i open the .html file Fireworks has created the page itself doesn't fill all of the browsers windows, it basically has a 10-20 pixel border all the way around it.
I realise Fireworks MX is more a design and layout application but i'm wondering why it isn't viewing correctly. The canvas size i have used is 970 wide x 550 high, when the html is generated the 1st/Main table tag uses width="970" which i have adjusted to width="100%" but thats not fixing it. Any Ideas?
Much Thanks in Advance,

P.S. Sorry for the long post =)

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