I have a client that needs me to put samples of his work on dvd into quick time format (I need to put it up on his website):

1-Im on a mac, which application would I use?
2-If its a lengthy or involved process, do u know of any tutorials?
3-He needs me to put up 6 quicktime videos, what would be the suggested maximum length of time or size for each one ?

Thanks a bunch,

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you need to rip a dvd onto the computer and then convert it to quicktime. I do not know any ripping programs that copy dvds into quicktime maybe dvdxcopy but that has been recently taken off the market so i suggest ripping with dvdshrink and converting into quicktime. Just so people here dont bash me for talking about dvd copying i should tell you that backing up dvds that you own in case the originals get damaged is not illegal only copying dvds that you do not own or selling copies of dvds that you own is illegal.

I now a software,ipod video converter for mac ,which is designed for the mac system of Apple Pcs.Maybe it will be helpful,but i'm not so sure wether it can make it.

You have to first use a program to convertthe DVD to an MPEG. Then you can covert the MPEG to whatever you want. DIVX is recommended also.

Good luck finding shareware.. most of them contain viruses, and the ones that are "FREE" only give you small bits of conversion... you can get a good one for about $30 ...

There are dvd decrypters available but they are ILLEGAL so if this is for a serious website you should not do it. It could ruin the clients credibility and is probably not worth doing. After you have got the film of the dvd you can either play it as an mpeg on the web or you can convert it to quicktime. A good program for this can be found here http://www.xilisoft.com/ipod-video-converter-mac.html It is not free though.

I advise against doing this because it is ILLEGAL. You should just explain this to your client and they should understand.

not all DVD are copyrite and we don't all need it in small web/ipod form, for extracting content try handbrake (http://handbrake.m0k.org/) straight from dvd to mpeg with all settings definable.

If you created the DVD yourself, with your own camera work or software generation, you OWN the copyright. It is never illegal to copy your own work into a jpeg file.


I have a client that needs me to put samples of his work on dvd into quick time format (I need to put it up on his website):

yes, i agree, that would pe perfectly legal as his client has given him permission

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