For some reason I can't move one of my div tags, the gallery one. It looks just like all of the rest of the divs that move fine with absolute positioning. My website is If you look at the code it is obvious that the gallery is not moving. Also, I can't figure out why there is so much white space to the right of the page? I am befuddled

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Should this gallery be animating? Doesnt look like your using any js.

I looked at the source code, copied it to a local HTML file and the gallery div moves when I change the values in your style sheet.

div#gallery {position: absolute; top: 300px; right: -200000px; }

Where do you want to place it?

I want to put it right above the last link to the right. Above author. For some reason I looked at the page in internet explorer right now, and the positioning worked? Oh and I just put that huge number to emphasize that it isn't working. To the javascript question, I wish I knew javascript to animate it, but no it shouldn't. I might play around with transitions, but that is the extent of my animating skills. Thanks!

Ok, I'm not sure that I would approach the alignment this way, but if you just want to move it to the right above "Author" then just adjust your Top and Right position property values.

div#gallery  {position: absolute; top: 0px; right: -299px; }
div#facts  {position: absolute; top: 250px; right: 260px;}
div#tour  {position: absolute; top: 250px; right: -20px;}
div#author  {position: absolute; top: 250px; right: -299px;}
div#links  {position: absolute; right: 100px;}



Also very important !! If you want to make sure that your browsers (Internet Explorer) will switch to "Standards Mode", make sure that the first line in your HTML is the DOCTYPE declaration. For example...

<!DOCTYPE html>

That worked, thanks but now there are two more issues, firstly since I put <!DOCTYPE html> it doesn't allow height percentages, so how would I make the body shadow 100% you will see if you look, also I can't figure out why there os so much whitespace to the right

sorry, body shadow 100%? Not sure what you mean.

No, if you look at my code and my page you will see. Sorry about being a bother, I know this isn't just a help forum, but I have a deadline and I am clueless

I see you added a shadow.. problem fixed?

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