please help me on this layout
see the attached file
as you seen from the attached file in the first column there are names now i want to have this colum freese like it is static on the table.

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I am sorry... I don't get what your asking for, can you repeat the question differently (i think its just me)...

And by any chance do you have any code so we can help you much more efficiently?

i dont have the code now.. sorry for its not so understandable am
what i mean is.
if i have the table contains 1st column, 2nd column , 3 ..... as what the above image is.
then i want that the first column remains on its place then the next columns can be scroll to left or right..

as youve seen from my attachment there are names there that would be my first column and the other...
as youve seen from my attachment the next columns of 1 has a scroll bar below.. because i want the column to be freese like open office freeze column..

Hmmm... your question is making more sense to me (somewhat) but I don't get what you mean by freeze...

See if you can pull your code out.... I know that if you want a scrollable table you'd have to make it a big table or you'd have to put in a small box and put a scroll on it (using css).

I maybe wrong, or I didn't get your question again (sorry :( )...

I will try to find a solution (if possible)

i want a scrollable table but column 1 is not included as you scroll hte table it ramains in static position image3

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