Hey all!

I've got an issue with a new site under development with quite a complex design. Here is the site.

Here are my issues.
1. IE as well as a few other os/browser combinations are ignoring my image borders. The blocks in the left hand sidebar should have border images. They show up perfectly on my windows pc on all browsers except IE. My client can't see the borders on Snow Leopard Safari on her mac.
2. The fluid navigation background is not extending the width of the browser on my client's mac OSX on the secondary pages. It displays great on all browsers on my pc.

I had been using Adobe's browserlab, but am getting inconsistent results with that. I've check using IETester and I don't see the borders on any version of IE.

This is a WordPress site using Headway theme if that makes a difference.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Oops, forgot one other issue.

  1. On OSX mac on all browsers she does not see the full browser background extend the width of the browser. There is a small gap (20-30 pixels) on the right hand side. Then on the gallery page, that same gap is there with the dark gray page overlay when viewing the enlarged gallery images. http://www.ultimissimo.net/gallery/