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Violet, good night.

I openned your link in safari and I confirmed the error. But I didn't find anything that could resolve the issue.

And in my opnion, I'd say this is working well enough. I wouldn't lost much of my time trying to solve this, if I were you.
The link stays pink when you click in another one, or when you return to the page. That's good enough.

So I say: Move on girl ^^

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Thanks AleMonteiro, if it was for me, like you I wouldn't worry about it, but the client wants me to resolve the issue, so I don't have a choice I am afraid (or at least I would have to come to an explanation as to why this is happening). The thing is, I have absolutely no idea why this happens, other browsers seems to be ok...


Oh I see... Well, I guess you can try to fix with JS (jquery in my example):

/* CSS to fix */
a.linkStyle.fixClick {

// Try fixing with JS
$("a.linkStyle").click(function() {

no I haven't, reason being that I have to consult with the client about this first. The thing is, if this problem was something I had caused for whatever reason, then I would have applied your fix straight away, but because it seems to originate from a decision taken by the web browser (or whoever for them) then, things change quite radically. It is good to know that there is a fix though : -), thanks for providing it

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