HI guys, sorry to go on about these visited links. I have spotted an issue with safari, and it looks like it is only safari doing it (at least on windows). DOes safari have some special settings that need to be enabled/changed?
Same link as before, but different content this time:
If you click on any of the anchor links (the letters from a to z) in every browser they behave the way they should, which is, change the colour from #2a00ff to #ff00ae.
In safari this doesn't happen: the links don't change colour, well some of them do, some others won't change unless you click on another link...very odd stuff. Does anybody have any idea why?
the css code is still the same for links:


ANy help much appreciated as usual

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Violet, good night.

I openned your link in safari and I confirmed the error. But I didn't find anything that could resolve the issue.

And in my opnion, I'd say this is working well enough. I wouldn't lost much of my time trying to solve this, if I were you.
The link stays pink when you click in another one, or when you return to the page. That's good enough.

So I say: Move on girl ^^

Thanks AleMonteiro, if it was for me, like you I wouldn't worry about it, but the client wants me to resolve the issue, so I don't have a choice I am afraid (or at least I would have to come to an explanation as to why this is happening). The thing is, I have absolutely no idea why this happens, other browsers seems to be ok...

Oh I see... Well, I guess you can try to fix with JS (jquery in my example):

/* CSS to fix */
a.linkStyle.fixClick {

// Try fixing with JS
$("a.linkStyle").click(function() {

Did you try the JS fix?

no I haven't, reason being that I have to consult with the client about this first. The thing is, if this problem was something I had caused for whatever reason, then I would have applied your fix straight away, but because it seems to originate from a decision taken by the web browser (or whoever for them) then, things change quite radically. It is good to know that there is a fix though : -), thanks for providing it

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