Say we have a map of a section of the city which the user can resize in the browser. Resizing the map image just makes the image bigger or smaller -- it does not change the image content (i.e. does not include a wider area of the city or zoom in to a smaller area).

And we want stick a pin at a certain intersection, overlaying either an image on that spot, or a div on that spot with a pushpin background image.

When the city map resizes, is it possible for the pin to remain at that intersection without the developer having to recalculate the pin position? Can it be done with relative positioning?

Also, can we make the push-pin image size proportional to the size of the map, the bigger the map, the bigger the pushpin, the smaller the map, the smaller the pushpin, without the developer having to recalculate the pushpin image size?

So it behaves just like this:

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overlay push-pin on resizable map without recalc of pin pos on map resize?

Is it possible that you can post your CSS code?

A image of the error would be help.

I don't like to click links.