I am building a website to have interactive feature, and I was thinking of the implementing a live feed for a log file where it would take the content of the log file and do something with it, like create pop ups or images,
it sounds possible in my head but I am not sure if it is? As I am coming from a java background, and I could use a parser to extract stuff and do things with in in Java and was wondering if any one of you have any idea if this is implementable in Javascript/ HTML5/ CSS3. That would be very helpful! It's a self project that I hope to host it at a point to boost my CV a little as I am graduating soon. :)

Thanks again! :) x

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This could possibly be done but you'd be better off with using PHP here

Thanks for your input. But i have not done php or learn php before so was thinking of doing it in HTML5...and just maybe javascript or java... :)

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