Hi everyone.

I'm building an applicaiton but want to use HTML to create a gui.. Obviously I'll need to create the gui with CSS and maybe some javascript,, not sure yet but as far as I know I'm limited to building and viewing it in a web browser such as Chrome or Mozilla.

I want to build an HTML GUI and apply html widgets to it. Is there something out there which allows me to do this independent of web browsers. I'm thinkng along the lines of an HTML viewer that I can build my gui within. Something that looks like a regular gui like maybe wxWidgets. I know wxWidgets has a HTML widget but I want something a little more functional than that. I'm not even sure this sort of thing exists. Since looking at some online tutorials on HTML, XHTML, CSS and Javascript etc.. I have decided to look into this more.

I currently have built a project using C++ and SQLite and the wxWidgets GUI is something I would like to find an alternative to (I love wxWidgets by the way but I can see allot of potential in HTML forms). Is this at all possible? Very abstract question I know but I'm exploring alternatives for something I know very little about so this is a learning curve for me.

Thanks very much.

A web browser is essentially an HTML viewer, it interprets HTML and CSS and renders a display based upon this.

I'm not aware of any software application that solely displays HTML and CSS without it containing the features of a fully fledged browser, however you might want to look into HTML Compiled Help Files however these are very simple but work without the need for a web browser.

As you have some programming experience in high level languages such as C++, you might find it easier to find an open source browser, or a basic browser and strip it down to a bare bones interpreter.

Good luck!

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