How can i include comments in HTML?

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<!-- comment -->

It's begins with "<!--", ends with "-->", and does not contain "--" or ">" anywhere in the comment. Example: * <!-- This is a comment. →


<!--This is a comment. Comments are not displayed in the browser-->

There are 3 ways you can enter comments

Within an HTML code:

<!-- comment -->


/comment/ in CSS and most languages


//for single line comments

<! -- Comment --> this is the tag of putting a comment in HTML form. There are different kind of tags are available in HTML which is used for specific purposes.

Which is the platefom is best notepad, or dreamweaver for html and css

Most use a simple editor, notepad replacement like notepad++ notepad2, these have code completion and error highlighting
dreamweaver code is innefficient, very 1980s
the poster has no connection with any ide or code writer and receives no commissions :)

a tool to easily manage and create your html / css code can be helpfull, but only if your knowledge of html/css is at such a level that you can create most of it without using it.
lots of people who don't, either use fixed templates which can be found for free online (which is one of the reasons a lot of sites look very much alike) but are only in a limited fashion editable, steal code somewhere and think that when they 've managed to get it the way they want (after much trouble in the code) it'll be easy to maintain once they have to edit the site, or they have some tool generate the html and aren't able to figure out why it doesn't look anything like they want it to be.

Further to my post above, thought of it too late to edit the post
BEST is so subjective, there are a lot of html IDE, there are a lot of html/php/mysql ide, might be better to start with a html/php/mysql ide so that there is only 1 learning curve. the transition to server scripting is very rapid once you begin to code and find what ability is available to you.

If you do plan to develop grab copies of the thumbdrive versions of other browsers.
the no-install versions of browsers other than your favorite, will allow you to test the finished product for incompatibility.
Typically some specific code does not display as expected (IE is king of incompatibility issues, and there is a lot of IE8 still in use)

Looks like it has been answered very well! Goto lots to learn there! Even googling your question will get great results. Insert: comment out in html

Be careful, You can get fuddled up if you have several. I think you can't put a comment within a comment!

Use page search if it gets confusing (find: <!--) (text files)

If you have text not showing up maybe you forgot a comment that should have been deleted! HTML is FUN!

Here I have mentioned comment tags with example, may helps you in better understanding -

<script type="text/javascript">
function displayMsg();

alert("Hello World!")



</-- Write your comments In between this --/>

<!-- Comment Here --> You could also use <!-- Comment Here --!>

html mean "Hyper text Markup Language" and use this <!- Comment Here -> You could also use <!- Comment Here -!>

if the person is really obnoxious in their lack of googleability, when lmgtfy is just not enough,
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Can I suggest that we stop posting here unless there is something new to say. I think it's been repeated ad nauseum that format for html comments is:

<!-- whatever you want one-liner -->


want multiline

So until the clever people at W3C come out with ammendments to the spec on comments, let's leave it there shall we?